Spicy I’m Thai

Authentic Thai food – Made with tradition

From Humble Beginings

Many Asian Fusion & Westernized Thai restaurants are missing the essence of real Thai Cuisine in their menu’s. What they make is something very different to Traditional Thai Food.

Spicy I’m Thai is a traditional Thai Restaurant that makes Real Thai Food.

We value the culture and tradition of our past and put that into our dishes.

We prepare our food with age old recipes and techniques handed down from generation to generation.

Come to our restaurant for a taste of real Thailand.

Locally Sourced Food

Our Food is prepared in the traditional way.
This means everything we cook is made to order & from the freshest ingredients.


Our Love for Food

Our Motto: “We Cook for you as we cook for our family.”
My passion for food started in Thailand, Growing up with Grandma who was at the time the most famous chef in Bhurirham. She showed me the joy of cooking and caring for others as you would for yourself.
               From the age of 10 I began to learn her recipes and techniques.  I  hospitality and caring for those I loved was my calling.
I graduated from a cookery school 15 years ago and soon after opened a restaurant in Sydney CBD – “3 Mama Chefs Thai”.
Going strong for over 10 years we decided to bring our passion and authentic recipes to Brisbane, Paddington.
“I look forward to sharing our Journey with you to!”
Kethy – Spicy I’m Thai